Just Show Up

What Will It Take?


Hi everyone! How are you? Did you have a lot to do this weekend with Father’s Day?

I understand it’s summer and that means you are very busy socially and with work, but I encourage you to find the time to take care of yourself and your health. It is the perfect season to begin a lifestyle transformation.

Remember that time you felt incredible resolve and determination to make a positive change in your health? You were excited to begin taking control of your fitness, weight, stress and health. What have you done since then to take action?

Have you been able to make a change to your eating habits? Have you been able to do “your version” of the exercise sessions by completing at least 3-30 minute sessions per week? Have you been able to get out for a 20 minute walk at least 2 times per week?

It’s not too much to ask of yourself.
It’s not too hard for you.
It’s what you’ve got to do to get what you want; to lose weight, build strength and to feel better about yourself.

The Honeymoon is Over

Perhaps you did begin a program and now the “Honeymoon Phase” is over. You are faced with the reality of what it will take for you to accomplish your goals. The Action Plan is not a quick fix, and you know what stands in your way. Are you up for the task? Are you willing to challenge your challenges?

Honestly, you knew it wouldn’t be an easy transition but you made the commitment anyway. At that moment you believed. At that moment you really wanted achieve to your goal, and you were willing to do what it takes.

Realize that you won’t always have the luxury of being in a state of hyper motivation. The daily commitment to your exercise regime will often seem mundane, repetitive and a whole lot less glamorous than you would hope. The days that you show up despite lack of enthusiasm are the days that you make your biggest gains.


You see, it’s not all about the exercises nor the eating properly. In the beginning stages of transformation it’s all about showing up. If you were to take one small action everyday for the next 14 days you would be 75% closer to your goal. Compound interest on those few small changes is what truly makes a difference.

Get started today, recommit to the process. It’s one half hour a day. You can find that time!

Please stay in touch, let’s work through the rough spots together.

By focusing on the small, positive steps that you have been able to implement, you will feel more assured and confident in tackling the next steps. Tell me about one habit you changed, you added or that you are proud of as it directly relates to YOUR ACTION PLAN.


Stay strong with GFO40!

Have a great week! karen


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