Balancing Life Over 40: Big Rocks

Striving for Balance


What are your priorities? If you were to fill a jar with the “big rocks” of your life, what would it look like? When you are pulled in countless directions, what is it that really counts when you hope to get it all done?


My Jar of Rocks:

rockbig-rocks-in-jarHealth is my BIG ROCK. Of course, my boys, my family, and my job are my joy. They are my world, but without my health, the significance of my relationship with anyone or anything else suffers. That’s why, for me, health is my “biggest rock”.  When the stress of work obligations, finances, family and social commitments weigh me down, I work out. My physical strength has a direct impact on my inner strength. I am successful because I choose to be healthy in order to face life’s challenges and lessons. And believe me, life has been very generous with education! Stephen Covey shares this in his “Rocks in a Jar” analogy.  “Make a list of your big rocks. Then make a plan to ensure that your big rocks are put first. Block out the time in your schedule for those activities. Amazingly, the other stuff still gets done.”

It is counter-intuitive to use time, family, job, faith, or illness as excuses to avoid exercise and eating well. What is the reason that you use to skip training? Is it your job? Is it a large project? Is it time with family, your finances, personal development or education?

You think, “I’m too busy. I’m too tired. I’m injured. I don’t know how.” HOLD UP! Those are the very reasons that you need to get into shape. You need to lose weight. And you need to get healthy and strong.
When you define what is urgent in your life and do what matters most first, it’s logical to care for yourself and your health so that you are fit to tackle your life and obligations.

Fitness is a Big Rock.
It is your health.


What do you want so passionately that you would do anything to get it? Believe me, you can do that thing so long as you are strong enough. Make the commitment to yourself so that you can keep your commitments to others. Welcome a full, hectic, challenging and wonderfully crazy life by training for it!

If you are lucky, life will never slow down, there will never be a shortage of friends to share time with, and there will never be too long without some unexpected challenge to keep you feeling useful, needed and engaged in life.

Be strong for all that life offers you.

A busy life makes fitness harder, but fitness makes a busy life easier. Do you have some “lifestyle” rearranging to do? If you could get help managing your everyday load in order to make time for fitness, what would you invest in? A housekeeper? A gardener/maintenance helper? A bookkeeper?  I thought I would like all three until I realized that what I really want is to be strong and well enough to do it on my own. How about you?

heartStay Strong with GFO40!



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