Most of us are conditioned to believe that a good workout means of sweating our butts off and then crawling out of the gym. The truth is, that’s not necessary. It’s important to work hard, but it’s vital to work smart. There is no success training into an injury, into exhaustion or into confusion. Follow a plan and have ultimate control of the outcome. There is power in planning.

Simple Fat Loss Over 40









-Educate yourself. Learn the basics about training and nutrition.

-Eat for nutrition. Don’t diet. Eat wholesome, real food most of the time.

-Train for performance, not fat loss.

-Limit excessive cardio. Follow a balanced and progressive training program.

-Set an ultimate goal and a realistic time frame. Break your training into 4-6 week cycles that will lead to the overall goal.

 Welcome Change

“Change isn’t easy. Changing the way you live means changing the way you think. Changing the way you think means changing what you believe, and that’s the hard part. When we live in misery we often cling to it even when we badly want to change, because that is the life we know. It’s comfortable.”

yogatumblr_mdaglhGjpt1qg7efto1_400When you think about starting on a fat loss journey, you may associate it with deprivation, hunger and long arduous workouts. That’s just not the case. Actually, fat loss is impossible under those circumstances, and that’s the good news. Believe you can achieve success, follow a sound training program, accept setbacks (learn from them) and never quit. You may not get this right away, but you will come to understand that getting fit over 40 is easier than at any other age. You have more control over your choices, your time, your finances and your habits. It will take some planning, but that’s where The Action Plan will help.


The ACTION PLAN is a progressive fat loss and body shaping program based on sound exercise principles and a supportive nutrition plan.


Do you want to lose weight? Do you need to lose weight? What holds you back? Why can’t you get fit? The answer lies in your own personal experience. “Just Do It” has become the slogan of the century. It is, quite simply, the answer.

Exercise is effective for weight loss, especially when you combine weight training and cardio training with an effective nutrition plan. This program organizes all the components that you need to achieve your goal; all you have to do is DO IT.

On the Action Plan you will move relatively heavy weights and/or body weight, quickly. Following the plan, you will get to this point safely, without risking injury. Start with lighter weights and slow, controlled movements. Over a matter of several weeks, you will become stronger and naturally able to increase the weight you lift and speed at which its lifted. You will adapt.

How This Plan Works

You will incorporate several different modes of training over the next 3 months. Each session targets a specific component of fitness training that is required for overall fitness and sustainable weight loss.

The Exercises:

The Action Plan includes 10 basic multi-joint exercises that will engage a lot of muscles at one time. Training like this will burn calories, and you will develop a lean, strong body. The risk of injury should be significantly lower using complex (multi-joint) exercises. Various muscle groups work together to execute the movements, creating patterns that promote safety and that work in developing a functional and fit body.

planMC 2planLunge Forward 2planHigh Pull RL 1

Walk Sessions:

These sessions are incorporated at the outset in an effort to encourage you to set aside time everyday for training. As you progress through the plan, walk sessions provide an active recovery time.


HIIT Sessions:

High Intensity Interval Training is cardio done at a higher intensity for a shorter period of time. This method of training will not only help you maintain your muscle, but can help you build muscle mass. Maintaining and/or building muscle is critical for weight loss. With HIIT programs, the intensity bursts are tough and challenging, but they are short in duration.

Interval Sessions:

Walk/jog/lunge/sprint intervals will address muscle strengthening, endurance and fat burning goals. You will burn more fat and calories in a short time by alternating periods of intense effort with periods of moderate to low effort.


Bonus Cardio and Core:

Depending upon your current level of fitness, you may need to modify the number of workouts that are outlined in this progressive program. Use the bonus sessions too, if you feel you need more work along the way.


Eating well is a major part of getting in shape. You cannot train every day and see results if you have a bad diet. You need to have both your nutrition and workouts in balance. Use our delicious recipes and sample menus to help get started, or devise your own meals based on the calorie and macro nutrient information available in the plan.

Purchase THE ACTION PLAN today.

Start now. Purchase Link.  It works when you are ready to work!


I am Karen Pilote, 55-year-old trainer and administrator of Facebook Page Get Fit Over 40. I’ve put together The Action Plan for those who want to GET FIT OVER 40. Kate O’Connor (recipes) and the girls that work with us are available to support you in your weight loss journey everyday at The Action Plan-Get Fit Over 40 and at the MAC-Massive Action Crew group on Facebook.

Download and start today. Purchase link: The Action Plan

heartHave questions? No problem!

Let’s talk. Leave a comment and I’ll help you get started!




  1. Cathi Smith says:


    I have MS, and while I am still fairly mobile, I can’t walk too far without an elbow crutch, and have zero hope of balancing on a treadmill.

    Is there anything that you can think of that may take the place of this??

    • Hi Cathi! Good to hear from you! I think that any type of activity that gets you moving will have positive benefits. Weight training especially (even body weight resistance) will strengthen, build and maintain the muscle you need to for more stability. I wonder if your health care professional could direct you to physiotherapist or trainer to help you start a good, solid, basic weight training regime. I think that you would find amazing benefit in focusing on that and keep any sort of cardio training limited to activities that you enjoy (bike riding, swimming, yoga, tai chi….)
      I’d like to see you in a gym pumping some iron and getting good and strong! The muscle itself will burn all the calories necessary to keep you lean so long as you are eating well! Please keep in touch, I would love to hear from you after even 3-4 weeks on a weight training program! Karen~

  2. Patricia says:

    Hi Karen, Could you tell me where I can purchase a hard copy of ” The Action Plan” and how much it will cost? Thank you. ~~Patricia

  3. Hi, I workout at home. I have a step bench with risers that make it 16 inches,barbell,dumbbels,pull up bar,bands,treadmill. Can i do this workout .. Thank you

    • Absolutely Vanessa! That’s a great home gym set up! You can easily vary some of the basic 10 exercises by using alternate equipment…ie the high pull can alternatively be performed with a barbell for variety. So many options!

  4. Hi Karen. I’m interested for sure. I really don’t need to lose weight but would love to be stronger and fitter. I’m not sure which plan would suit me best. I have loads of equipment at home, currently not using, & have been doing a bit of running over the last 6 months. Which plan would you suggest?

    • Hi kjp….The Action Plan would still be a good program for overall strength and the cardio benefits would carry over to your running. If you keep your calories at a good maintenance level or slightly above you will find that your physique will tighten up- you will become stronger and fitter. Weight training (Strong Over 40) can and should be integrated to target specific weak areas, build shape into trouble spots and for specific strength- you can go through the June Challenge and then reassess your goals and then maybe get started on integrating the two…..

  5. Yvonne Hoffpauir says:

    I’m thinking about getting the Party Prep Plan. Will it work even though I don’t have a treadmill and all sorts of equipment? I have weights and resistant band. That’s about it. Also an elliptical stepper. Not much, I know.

    • Hi Yvonne 🙂 Yes, I think you could benefit from the Party Prep Plan and use your available equipment. The treadmill workouts could easily translate over to the elliptical by following the suggested intensities and use a little ingenuity. I would be happy to help out with suggestions for that circumstance. ~karen

  6. Hi Karen, I am 44 and although fairly active, I am rather inconsistent when it comes to exercise programs. I also try to eat healthy but have a huge sweet tooth and hunger cravings that have really intensified mid-life. The cellulite, flab, droopy knees and now varicose veins are making me hate my legs even more than I did back when just “thick and stumpy” made me self-conscious about them! Needless to say, I want to make some changes…I have a 7 year old son and I want to not only look and feel better but be able to keep up with my amazing, high energy child! A few questions about the program…are there modifications or alternatives given for some or all exercises? For example, I have bad knees and I’ve been told to to stay away from lunges (injured myself doing them not long ago!). I also have some neck and shoulder pain and certain exercises like planks can be strenuous if not done in a way that doesn’t aggravate those areas. Lastly, I don’t belong to a gym nor do I have any equipment other than a stability ball, resistance bands and a pair of dumbbells (5 lbs – what size up from there should I have on hand when progressing through the strength training?). Again, how does the plan work if we don’t have the necessary equipment? I find that any physical roadblocks just contribute to my mental roadblocks of moving forward with my goals…so I want to make sure I am well-equipped to battle them! Thank you!

    • Hello Kathy!
      I just love the “cellulite, flab, droopy knees….” part, boy, can I relate. My legs have always been my nemesis AND chief motivator. I love the strength and mobility they afford me but damn, they really could be prettier! 🙂 and they can! Better than that, you can make changes overall with careful attention to your diet and exercise.
      About the plan; there are modifications offered in the exercise demo clips but because there is such a huge diversity amongst participants it goes without saying to use your common sense and listen to your body. At first you may not be able to perform the lunge movements or squats but you have to push forward with what you CAN do and adhere to the eating plan- your weight will drop and the nourishing meals will fuel the workouts and aid in healing your weak links. Very soon you will discover that modified lunges and squats are possible with increased strength and less bodyweight challenging them. So too with any person, any body part and any injury: movement and nourishment will positively affect your whole body.
      The equipment you have right now is everything you need. (You may not need any weights at all until the 3rd or 4th week)….as you get stronger you can find some 8lb. dumbbells, then 10’s and then 12’s. Take it slow, feed your body, find new strength and build your gym one piece at a time.
      I like to suggest people be aware of physical roadblocks but don’t give them power over you….tear down the mental roadblocks and you’ll be surprised at what your body will want to do for you!!
      I’m working with a small group of women right now who are beginning their journey and have graciously agreed to let me share their stories. I’ll be posting those to the blog shortly…just getting them all organized with some tailoring to individual needs…stay tuned! As well I have a new video series that will be ready to go in a couple weeks and they will address the less active, injured and overweight population the follows here – lots of tips and tricks for you gals!
      One thing I know for sure Kathy is that you are well-equipped to face this challenge; every one of us has what it takes! You’ve got this! ~karen

  7. Hi!
    You’ve piqued my curiosity and interest.
    Is it possible to see a sample of the plan before I purchase?

  8. alright ladies, I joined the local gym….now what? I have a bad hip – so no jumping and a shoulder that was “frozen” and is super weak. I watched the folks (mostly men) using the free weights, that’s not for me. I think the cabled weights would be a better place to start. I am currently walking 3 miles every other day on the treadmill and watching my calories/carbs. so far I am down 20 pounds! I want to tone and tighten but the latest thing seems to be HIIT which I cant do–yet. I guess my question is which machines do what and what weights/reps? better yet a plan of attack while I am at the gym

    • Great going Tina! 20 lbs! You’re on the right road for sure. You can do so much with reasonable eating and basic weight training. You could ask for an orientation at your gym and have a professional introduce you to equipment and exercises that will help strengthen your body. As you get stronger and more confident you’ll be encouraged to learn more and do more. In general, 1-2 exercises per major muscle group 2X per week is a good place to start, but you will have to observe your response and make adjustments as you go. Be sure to include flexibility movements for your shoulder and consult with a professional regarding to your bad hip….use common sense and stay consistent! You’ve got this!

  9. Anna Cummings says:

    It sounds very interesting and to save my curiosity is piqued I need to lose about 10 to 15 pounds I hit 50 and menopause tired and the next thing I know the weight gain I have been active all my life I work out on a regular basis I have always worked out on a regular basis I went from hundred and fifty to 175 overnight and it doesn’t matter how well I eat how clean I eat or her after my workout. I’m no stranger to the gym eating healthy. I do 5 20 minute cardio sessions and 5 workout with weights sessions three sessions of strength endurance one day off 3 of power endurance session so in other words with the strength I do low weight 5 sets 15 reps of each exercise the power High weight low reps 5 sets 4 reps. I’ve done the macro thing I know how to count my macros but nothing seems to work I have a long distant trainer for 3 months he put together this wonderful work out for me and I counted all my macros I ate whatever I wanted to eat as long as it fitted into my macros and He adjusted it as I went along butt nothing worked I didn’t lose weight but he kept telling me that I must not be focused on the weight but losing the inches the weight will come in time and yes my body did Tone. I only had one trainer who I trained with constantly for a year two times a week that got me where I wanted to be it took three to six months but I was looking good that’s the first time my life I was over at where I wanted to be. But unfortunately she moved. So now I’m starting over again 50 years old and in menopause. Long story short I get what you’re saying I have done those types of workouts before and they have worked versus just cardio and lifting weights. So my question is before I go and spend all this money are the results guaranteed? How long will it take to get the results that I wish to get? If I don’t receive those results do I get a refund? It is hard to do things like this I have found over long distance without having an actual trainer there beside you to motivate you to make sure you are doing the exercises right xcetera. I find when I have someone pushing me I get better results. Thank you for listening and I look forward to your answers to my questions

    • Hi Anna! Thank you for getting in contact. Your experience is not uncommon and I would hazard a guess that menopause, metabolism and adaptation are all at play in your situation (but I would have no way of being sure). Training with weights 3 times per week and couple sessions of HIIT and cardio as well as a wholesome nutrition program is the basis for strength and health. Weight loss requires a dedication to eating the correct amount of calories. Consistency is key and long term intention is necessary. Your body fights for homeostasis. You must remain diligent and focused in your efforts. You mentioned your trainer, whom you worked with faithfully for 2 years and you found success in that. Perhaps that is the answer for you? Many people do best when they engage in a relationship that holds them accountable. A trainer can intuitively adjust your program and tweak your meal plans so that you are consistently progressing as well as cheer you on and motivate you through tough times. I hope that you will continue to search for the “right-for-you” training – when you’ve found that you will find success I’m sure!

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