Starting in the Middle

atetumblr_miba5oixWn1s5zyjso1_500We are always in the middle of something. Wedding planning, a new job, school preparations, home renovations: there is always something going on. When you connect with the fire from within, that motivation will make it possible to accomplish the lifestyle changes you desire. You can lose weight in the middle of whatever situation is currently monopolizing your life. Just believe!

The Party Weekend

It’s Labour Day and that’s just a crazy time to begin a lifestyle transformation, right? It’s not even the end of summer; there are still so many parties to attend, food to eat, drinks to enjoy. Everyone is posting incredible dessert recipes on Facebook newsfeeds. You have to make them don’t you!?

BUT.  It’s September 1st, the day you’ve decided to make changes in your life, your health and your weight. A fresh new month always feels like the perfect time to begin a diet, to change your habits, to get active and to become a person who is comfortable with themself.

It’s Not a Diet

It may seem like today is a stupid day to begin but keep in mind that we are not going to diet ourselves into a new life. We are going to plan, prepare and execute a program that will gently and gradually morph us into that person.


Today, get in touch with that fire within. That’s all you need to do. While you are soaking up the sun, or walking through the amusement park or enjoying the boat cruise and barbeque, simply get in touch with your intentions.

untitled-104How Do You Feel? 

How do you feel in your clothes? Are they tighter than they were at the beginning of summer?

How do you feel physically? Are you finding that your stamina has decreased, your joints are less limber, do you feel lethargic and generally unhappy with your overall health?

How do you feel mentally? Are you disappointed in yourself for having “fallen off” your exercise and eating initiative? Are you fearful that, this time, you might not get “back on”?

Objective Observer

Don’t get in a panic, don’t get overwhelmed and don’t get overly worked up by your feelings right now. Just make some mental notes with no judgements attached. So what, we gained some weight over the summer. Now we’ll get active, organized and committed. We have a system in place (The Action Plan) that we’ll follow as closely as possible. We have realistic expectations and goals.  We are going to do this and we are going to do it together!

Stay Connected

Leave comments, share your thoughts, email your questions, follow us on Facebook. Stay connected. It’s going to be really important, for all of us, to have support.  Now let’s all go and have a fantastic holiday weekend and we’ll meet up again to get our nutrition strategies in order.


The Action Plan is a simple solution to a seemingly overwhelming task: to lose weight and get fit over 40. This system makes it easy to follow a realistic course of action and achieve your goal of losing weight. Our Action Challenge: Lose 24 pounds in 12 weeks with The Action Plan. Here is the link: The Action Plan

Declare your Intention.

It would help me to know about you and your goals. I have my own personal goal of getting stronger and losing 15 pounds this year. I know Julie is working to re-start her weight loss after losing (and maintaining the loss of) 50 pounds since last January. Stephanie intends to lose 20 pounds in the next 12-16 weeks in order to get closer to her goal of competing in a figure competition next summer. Lisa joined Gold’s Gym and hired a trainer to help her stay focused on her weight loss journey this fall. Everyone has a story…. what’s yours?

imageWaiting to hear from you!




  1. I’m just ready to start on my journey and want to lose 80 pounds. It just seems so overwheing. I crave sweets!

    • 24 pounds in 12 weeks Tammy! That will get you closer to your goal and you’ll find that an easier task to focus on for now! 2 pounds a week-12 weeks! Now that’s sweet! Hang on, here we go! kp

  2. I love having group support! I have never had an exercise routine that I’ve kept up over any length of time. My diet needs a major overhaul as well, and I need to overcome my sugar addiction that continually side tracks my health efforts.

    • We’ll do it together Diane! I think you’ll find that implementing positive strategies will “push out” the negative ones. (Well, not all the way, sweets are a tough one! For me anyway) Eating well and regularly does help with the sugar cravings! At times it’s gonna have to be about sheer resolve, and that’s a muscle we could all spend some time “working out” lol

  3. Having the hardest time getting the last 20 pounds off after losing 50. I find myself saying ” one bite won’t hurt”. Ready to finally get the leanest and healthiest. My commitment was to do it in 2013, so I only have 3 more months for this year!

    • That’s very common Haley and once you “get” that there is a reason for the stall you’ll be better able to tackle it with realistic strategies rather than an emotional response. We can talk about some of the likely reasons for a stall ( but the first thing to do is go over your calorie math; at your current weight your body requires less calories…ugh! It’s a drag but that “just one bite” does count now…make it something delicious cause you’ll have to work it off. 20 more in 12 weeks then! You’re on!

  4. I had such grand fitness plans for summer and got totally off track. This has been a tough year for me in every aspect–financially, emotionally, health wise, and I’ve been motivationally challenged in the area of fitness and healthy eating. I really need to make a fresh start and look forward to the accountability and motivation found here!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I know this is a big old cliche but 8 gotta say it! lol “When it rains it pours” does apply. Call me single minded but it’s been my experience: getting fit and strong changes the game when faced with life challenges. You earn the opportunity to see things from a new perspective. Let’s do this! kp

  5. Don’t like the way my clothes fit, the way I look or the way I feel lately. Aches and pains started hitting when I was 40 and here I am, just 43 and feel like I shouldn’t ache this much. I know getting back in shape and losing the extra twenty something pounds I carry will help me feel so much better! I know because I have managed to get healthy before, but then let busy lifestyle managing a family of 5 and working part time take over and interfere. Which then leads to me falling off the healthy lifestyle wagon,so to speak! Don’t like this feeling and need to make some changes to get back on track!

    • We are making the changes for the long term Cathie. Hopefully the family will support you and maybe even join in! Great talking with you…time to shop and chop, get food ready for the week. Thank goodness there are leftovers from the grill!

  6. I’m training for my first marathon. I started running last year and trained for my first half marathon in January. I’ve done three halfs, two 10-milers, and a few 5K/10Ks since. Now, I’m going to do the Honolulu marathon in December. I’ve got 14 weeks to go. Here’s the surprising part, I’m still 100 pounds overweight. I thought running would help me lose weight, but I’ve maintained through all of this. I know I have to conquer healthy eating or it will never happen. So, that’s my goal, to feed my body what it needs not just what I want in the moment.

    • Oh Shannon, I’m so glad that you brought this subject up. It’s so hard for people to understand just how important it is to eat sufficient calories to support body function as well as activity levels. We come full circle to the importance of nutrition… matters! We’ve got to talk about that one soon! Enjoy your training and stay strong! mangia! kp

  7. Venise Bickell says:

    I’ve started my weight loss in January, down 20 lbs, would like to lose another 15lbs. I Zumba twice a week and i either walk 5km or ride my bike 15km all other days…if I miss a day, I really miss the activity! My downfall is food, specifically sweets/chocolate! I need to be accountable in order to stay in line, I think this will help!

    • Congratulations Venise! Yes, I hope this helps with your “downfalls” although I hope to communicate a more positive way to look at that “human-ness” In order to lose the next 15 it will be necessary to add variety and re-calculate your caloric needs. You’ve got a smarter, tougher body now and its ready for you to challenge yourself! Let’s do that!

  8. The last 10 pounds for me. The 10 I always feel I need to lose, the 10 that keeps me from feeling confident. I want to do this with a combination of diet and exercise and I want it be for good.

    • The “last ten” will come and go Annie! Once you buckle down and get there it will be easier to stay in that sweet spot. A range of 7-10 pounds is easy to manage. When you hit it you will have the knowledge and confidence to dial in anytime and get strict if life gets out of hand. Perfect time of year to get it done!

  9. Segrid Turner says:

    I am 47, 5’5, at 172, I want to lose 15 pounds by Christmas. I want to look and feel sexy and not have to suck in my stomach in certain dresses and tight fitting clothes. I’m a member of LA Fitness and have fell in loving with spinning and I’m lifting weights. I’m ready to lose this weight.

    • You’ll do it too Segrid, plan it and make it happen! That’s one pound a week for the next 15 weeks. It’s all math now, calculate the necessary calories required to maintain your body’s needs and then burn the rest off with HIIT; baby stuff! See you lean and sexy in couple months!

  10. I want to lose 24 lbs in 12 weeks. I lost about that much last fall and have maintained until recently. I have gained about 5 lbs back and I’m ready to move forward with my weight loss!

  11. Hi Karen, I totally am in for this, just moved back up north and you know how hard it is to be motivated and stay healthy up here. I tried to open the link you provided and it didn’t work. Last here I got fat on my body, and can’t fit into my pants. I enjoyed my summer, and before coming back up here, I weighed myself, wow, I would like to loose 50lbs! Yes, I am that much over on the scale! lol, I don’t really care about weight loss normally so as long as I fit back into my pants and skirts, I’d be ok with that!! The weight will come off on it’s own I know. So if you can try sending another link to your “Getting started” I’d love to participate and join in the conversations for the month of September as well as continuing on into Nov/before xmas! Talk soon, Carla

  12. Well I have had the most amazing year EVER!!! Saying that it has caused me some weight gain….I’m ready to get back on track…. Thanks for the inspiration and support.

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