3 Things to Do Now

newyearb8e1e1fdde806bef056c739afaecde7bBeginning the ACTION PLAN.

Don’t wait for the New Year. Don’t wait for another Monday. Here are 3 things you can do right now while you organize yourself for the Action Plan.

It’s very exciting when you are all “motivated up” and ready to start, but we both know that if you aren’t prepared it will be a frustrating transition.  If you aren’t in the right mind set you could drop the ball before the game starts. And if you aren’t familiar with the program, the exercises and the food plan, you may quit.

Uh, not again! Not this time!

Take time. Invest a few days to get organized:

1) Read through the whole program, beginning to end.

2) Clear out and organize your workout area. If you already have a space, freshen it up.

3) Shop and Chop. Grocery shop, prepare and store your food.

4) Get mentally prepared.

While you are getting organized do these 3 simple things:


Drink water.

This week get in the habit of drinking water. Have a glass first thing in the morning. Pack it to go, stash some in the car, prepare and store a jug with lemons or cucumbers and have a glass before you sip on that Timmy’s or Starbuck’s. Start to make water the rule. Invest in a few gallon jugs and fill them up daily. Aim to consume a gallon a day. Plan to make the trips to the restroom. Plan to wake up in the night to pee. It’s going to take some adjustments, of course. But they are necessary and you’ve got to do it. Period.

Please eat! Eat regularly and heartily. Feed yourself wholesome, fresh foods.

www%20hot_soup_bowl[1]Make a Pot of Soup.

Shop, chop and simmer a huge pot of soup. Use the Action Plan Brown Rice and Chicken Soup recipe, or make your own clean cooking recipe. Just be sure to keep a good balance of protein, complex carb and vegetables. The idea this week is to nourish your body, ease carb dependency and fuel up for your training. Think positively about food! It’s your partner in fat loss! As you work towards getting your life organized and ready for some changes, rely on this pot of soup to keep you fed and satisfied. Start your day with it if you must, have a serving every two hours if you must, just make sure that you begin to feed your body at regular, consistent intervals and begin to feel strength and vitality from the whole foods in the soup. Here is our recipe, from The Action Plan:


newyearsoupPublication2Action Chicken Rice Soup

The Action Plan “Brown Rice and Chicken Soup” is found on page 55.  Make a huge batch!  Make it your own by incorporating your favorite vegetables, grains and protein. You might choose to  use a good, clean eating recipe that you are fond of, a family favorite or ours! The ACTION PLAN  recipe. Just have a pot of soup ready for the next few days!



Move Your Body.

It will take time to become familiar with the HIIT Boards and THE TEN exercises that are used in the Action Plan. Again, take the time to learn them, view our exercise demo videos at Get Fit Over 40 and google the movements for further clarification. Do this very simple routine everyday this week to get you going and keep you moving. It won’t take long for you to figure out the boards and pull your food plan together but it’s nice to have a go-to workout handy when you are a bit overwhelmed. If you are intimidated by the number of reps in this  program simply skip down to 30 or 25 rep section and follow it down to the 5’s.  Just make sure to do a little more each day.

Take Action now; not tomorrow, not after the holiday, not on Monday. Do it today!  Incorporate these 3 strategies while you get organized. It will be a little frustrating at first but you will quickly fall into a habit and shortly thereafter you’ll be able to adjust things to suit your own lifestyle.


heartHappy New Year everyone!

Happy New Attitude!

Let’s do this!




  1. Hi Karen,
    do you have to have access to a gym to do your program? Im 44 years old. I do the Insanity videos for about 2-3 week stretches then something comes up to side track me and I take a break for a few weeks. My schedule is hard- I work 12 hour night shifts as an RN and am a single mom with 4 kids under the age of 11. It has always been important to me to be active and feel good about my body shape. Mostly I am thin but I can tell my body is changing with more fat deposits and not being able to get in shape as quickly from my ” breaks”. I try to eat well but I know I eat too much sugar and probably pop too many unhealthy things in my mouth. I also know I need more water but diet coke seems to satisfy me 🙂 I just need a push to feel better. thanks

    • Hi Cheryl, great to hear from you! The Action Plan does not require a gym and very minimal equipment….one dumbbell to begin. As you become stronger you can increase the weight. It sounds as if you have a very good handle on your exercise “personality” and the steps you need to take to make the difference from good health and satisfactory lifestyle to feeling fantastic! The push you need comes from within and the plan will give you the assurance you are doing the right things. If I could stress one thing only it would be the consistency factor….it’s a big one! 44 is a really good age to get serious, your body is still capable of major, blow your mind changes. The kids are going to be so proud of you too! xokp

      • Karen,
        Im impressed with the quick response and thank you. One more question- if I don’t have access to a bike or row machine what do you recommend for replacement for the bonus workouts? I also don’t have access to a treadmill but figure I can use the streets for that :). thanks a lot Cheryl

      • Hi Karen,
        Well it took me awhile to get started but I have to say the HIT1 is hard!! so many sets!! am I interpreting the tree correctly? and most exercises incorporate the squat so I feel Im doing the squat a million times. Not complaining bc I need to work my butt!! but want to make sure I am interpreting the tree correctly. thank you!!!

      • HI Karen,
        so Im almost done with my 5th week of training. I can tell I am getting more tone. Would you mind addressing some questions that may seem obvious? 🙂
        1. ok if my diet isn’t that great does it still affect how I will look? I am 5’5 and 112 so I am pretty thin. I will go 2 weeks eating healthy and then stop 😦 I love sweets. 😦 I hate drinking water. Maybe if you tell me exactly what I am missing out while training it will encourage me to eat healthier and drink more water. If I am thin what is the difference between eating a cheeseburger versus quinoa with chicken and broccoli? 🙂 I usually stop eating as healthy bc I will eat healthy and more food thus gain weight. If I just eat want I want when I desire it I stay around my weight and honestly I don’t see a difference when I’m working out but then I’ve never gone on too long of a health food stretch to probably tell. Maybe even though thin it’s all going to my butt which is my next question….
        2. I notice all parts getting more tone yet my butt drives me crazy. I want it firmer and that little annoying saddle back area firmer. Is it just waiting till end of program before I see more results or do I need to up the cardio? I dont mind if I lose a few pounds but dont want to lose more than that.
        3. I started with 10 lb weights and am now on 12. starting my 6th week I was going to move to 15., 9th week 20 and last 3 weeks 25 (if I can). what are your thoughts of this plan?
        4. I guess my last question is just more of the same. Do you think I’d get better results running instead of walking?
        I like getting results and the workouts fit well with my schedule. They aren’t too time consuming but I can tell are hitting my trouble spots. And I can do it all outdoors which I love. What is your recommendation to do after the program is finished? Do it again or do you have other ideas?
        Thanks again for your program and support.
        PS I hate the tree workout 🙂

      • Way to go Cheryl!
        Let me be quick and concise: keep moving forward!
        1) At your BMI you don’t need to lose weight, you need to change body comp and build the shape you desire. Food has everything to do with that; building muscle is challenging. To build a house you need bricks, to build muscle you need protein (carb & fat). Good quality food has the nutrients necessary to run your body efficiently so that you can recover well and stay strong, vibrant and alert in order to stay motivated to do the work. The best way to prove this is to do it yourself. No matter what you read on the net or what I say to you, you will never “get it” until you “do it” (and you know this, right?)
        2) A high percentage of women carry fat in the lower body; it comes off but you have to get pretty lean. Its tough to maintain the body fat level necessary to see the glutes and feel firmer. That’s why you need to eat well, build muscle in the upper body and keep to HIIT type training.
        3) Short Answer: lift what you are capable of lifting, that day. I lift as heavy as possible every day. If that means sometimes going back down to 8’s one day and up to 20’s another day, so be it. You have experienced the ups and downs in energy and determination over the last 6 weeks, yes? Honor the natural energy cycling. Also remember (back to food) crap food you eat will result a sh*tty workout, probably the very next day 🙂 right? Have you felt that too? Also note: any individual is capable of lifting heavier weight depending upon muscle group working ie: legs (big muscle group) can “take” more weight (relatively) than shoulders (small muscle group)….
        4) You will get the best results by following the plan, making small adjustments as necessary, staying consistent, eating well, and get serious about resting and recovery.
        I’ll get to “what’s next” in a blog post, that is very important too. Let’s get you through the “right now”. Mail me at getfitover40@hotmail.com and we could schedule a Skype/phone consultation? Would that be helpful?
        Cheryl, honestly, you are on the right track, just keep going. All the answers will gradually become clear when you follow the plan. You will be in the position to make your own training decisions based on that historical data. I must share with you that once you “KNOW” the right way, all the mystery disappears and you are left with facing your own demons (not eating wholesome, not exercising consistently, not getting recovery, not drinking water….insert one or more)
        OK Enough for now! Talk soon. ~Karen
        (I don’t love the TREE either! I’ll have to post a video of my tree day…so much drama getting through that one! LOL)

  2. Karen,
    Also are the numbers on the left on the TREE reps or weights. It’s a wee confusing. thanks!!!!

    • Good Morning Cheryl, yes make do with what you have for bonus; swim,bike,blade,stairs,skipping….if you do get a chance to change up your workout with a stair master, elliptical or whatever, take that opportunity. The numbers at the side of the TREE represent the rep scheme. Yes, confusing at first
      but you’ll never forget that tree ever again! Lol
      Cheryl I may be mistaken but it sounds ( from your first correspondence) that you may not have much body fat to lose so don’t go overboard on bonus cardio…you’ll want to build some lean muscle. Do the regular boards see how you progress over the first month ok? Stay in touch!

      • Hi Karen,
        Things are going great. I love the program. I’m eating healthier and feel better. I just wanted to clarify on exercises such as MC when it says to do 100 – is that 100 for both legs (lt and rt is 1 rep, or is lt and rt 2 sts?). Same for bicycle, lunges etc thanks. I dont want to not do enough or overdo 🙂 thanks again. Your program is doable from home, works you hard, makes you feel better and you have amazing prompt responses. So appreciated. Take care Cheryl

  3. Hi Cheryl! Yes, there are 8 rounds in HIIT 1 and because you “add on” a new exercise each round it can feel endless. Stick with it! As you gat stronger it will take less time and your body will adapt. Some people love the tree, others, not so much. Your legs will play a big part in all the boards because they are the metabolic monsters that use energy (stored fat)! Modify any of the boards until a time you can complete them, but remember it should never get too easy or you lose the advantage of confusion. Reduce the number of reps, or eliminate a round, or skip the intro BURPEES/ mountain climbers, or simply put a 20-30 minute goal time on your workouts- make them achievable. You want to be challenged, (and you will experience some muscle soreness) but ultimately you want to feel accomplishment so that you continue for the long term…. 🙂 Great job!!

  4. Great Cheryl, your mindset is right on! When you focus on all the right things that you are and can do it leaves no room for doubt. You have no choice now but to succeed.
    The girls working out with me today had a chuckle about your mc question…..they had just finished several sets of mc, sweating and panting and hoping you counted 1 rep for each leg otherwise you’d be toast…..so yes count one rep being one leg movement for each of those exercises. 🙂 Carry on!

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