Weight Loss Stall – Face the Facts

Face facts now. Before you begin your lifestyle weight loss plan know this-you WILL stall. Even while following all rules and regulations to a tee, your body will have its own way in its own time. When this happens, stay calm and trouble shoot.

Are you eating enough?


You might need to increase your calorie intake to fire up your fat burning metabolism. If you consume too few calories (the average women needs 1o calories per pound, per day to get the right amount of nutrients and to support the functions of  daily living) your body will hold on to fat in order to survive. If you skip a meal your body will act as if food is scarce. Breakfast is especially important so your body will understand that it is ok to burn fuel the rest of the day.

Have you cut out a whole food group?

Cutting back too much on carbs or fat will leave you lethargic and unable to exercise at an intensity necessary to lose weight. Vary your diet and include healthy fats and good carbs to fuel your workouts. Low carb and low fat diets are not sustainable over a long term and when you fail to stick to this type of plan you will regain the weight lost and more. You will also feel less confident to lose weight in the future.

Do you “treat” yourself after exercise?

It is suggested that you take in food after exercise to replace lost nutrients and give the muscles the building blocks to repair and strengthen. However, a high calorie treat will not help weight loss. We often overestimate calories burned during exercise and underestimate the amount of calories that are consumed. Keep calories in check.

Do you consume diet soda?

Artificial sweetners can increase insulin and lower blood sugar, resulting in hunger and calorie storage in the fat cells. These sweetners may not satisfy your craving like sugar can so you may need even more “sweet” after that pop.

Are your friends inactive or unsupportive?


Your social circle influences your lifestyle. Your chances for being inactive, and therefore overweight, increase with every friend in your circle who is inactive or overweight. Your perception of fit changes in relationship to your influencing group; overweight becomes acceptable if your friends are. You don’t have to avoid them however. Start an exercise program together and form new rituals for your friendship.

Are you tracking everything you eat?

When you write down what you eat you become aware of “nibble calories”. If you use a computer or phone application, you will increase the chances of weight loss success with positive feedback that an app can provide. Lose more weight and stick with a diet longer by using a digital recording program.

When your diet stops working don’t you! Do not freak out. Weight Loss does make sense, your body is smart. If you are honestly doing what it takes, consistently, weight loss will resume. “Weight” it out! You are stronger than a craving!
imageIt’s important to be brutally honest, denial will only drive you around the bend, straight towards a real bender!
What is stalling your weight loss progress?  What holds you back?

Vent here! It’s good for you!




  1. I think everybody has a naturally healthy weight that might be as much as 10 pounds different from the prescribed one. If I had been happy with my natural weigh when I was young, I would never had yoyoed so much in my middle years with disastrous results. I finally wised up and am happily maintaining my natural weight into my more “advanced” years. 🙂 – (but my trainer wants me to lose those 10 pound!!!) It won’t happen.

  2. Caroline says:

    I have a difficult work schedule..sleep cycle. I have had difficulty getting real direction with this. I have tried out weight loss program with little to no success. I have always been a distance runner but unfortunately I have had an injury which has put me off the road for the past 6 month! Yes I spin and walk but its not the same. Anyway here is my challenge I work overnight..5 nights in a row..5 on/ 2 off roatation. I need to find a successful plan to help with weight loss. I love your plan but I was wondering if you have had anyone in a similar situation that has had success. I have gained 15lb over 4 years..and I am only 5 feet. I want my ” sweet spot” back 😦

    • Hi Caroline!
      #1 Yes! You can get back to your Sweet Spot
      #2 You will have to work at it diligently for a time.

      It’s not easy, even under optimal circumstances. Once you accept this fact, embrace it, and decide not to let it undermine your intentions, well then, you will have made the biggest step forward.

      The key will be for you to work through the initial rough times, the fatigue and the challenges until that time that you start to see progress. Small successes will bolster you and then you feel a little more in control, and feel a little more confidence in the process.

      The positive aspect to your schedule would seem to be that it is fairly consistent. Is that correct? Is it possible to get into a regular exercise schedul? It would be harder if you were on nights for a time and then days for a time.

      I am really proud of many participants who manage a variety of work related obstacles in order to realize their health related goals, but one gal comes to mind as I read your question. Ann is a nurse who works extremely odd shifts, she has two boys and a hectic life yet always seems to “show up” in good spirits and ready to work hard. I’m inspired by her and many, many other women just like her.

      The Action Plan, like any other credible training program based on healthy nutrition and progressive intensity, will help you because it is a plan. One that you can follow and adjust to suit your individual circumstances. Plus, we have a virtual community of support for one another that is pretty hard to come by in our own personal time crunched lives. I know that I thrive and succeed with accountability, support and understanding from women in the same basic situation as I’m in. It’s just not that easy anymore to get to the gym for that social aspect, yet it’s an important one. Agree?

      Oh, and yes..Ann is succeeding 🙂

      Xo karen

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