You Are Beautiful

Where did this begin?


We are living with stereotypes and the labels are seriously damaging.

Not good enough. Lazy. Bitchy. Ugly. Fat. Undisciplined. Mean. Insecure. Superficial. Vain.

Who said that, and why’d we believe it? And why on earth are we still carrying it around?

Sure we can blame the media and the industry and countless other sources that demean women, and we would have every right to do that. I know that I certainly was affected, influenced and totally sucked in by media when I was a young girl, but I chose exercise and a healthier ways to handle body image issues. Unfortunately, it’s not that way for most.

Where Will It End?

At the end of the day, we are the only ones who can end it. End the bias, end the attitude and end the self-deprecating thoughts……you have to just stop.

Hey, You! Just Stop It!

Look in the mirror and say something new, uplifting and inspiring. Talk nicely to yourself. Carry yourself with pride and grace. Value yourself and your health. Be different, act different, speak differently. Practice beautiful words, practice humble appreciation of yourself and lift yourself up. No one can do it for you.

Begin to build trust in yourself so that you can stand proud, healthy and strong. Quit relying on media to define who you are and what you’re capable of. You choose who you want to be, how you will be perceived and what you expect from this life of yours.

Be proud and stand proud; you are beautiful!


Love yourself healthy and be nice to yourself!

xo karen



  1. This depends upon many factors….
    Self-deprecating thoughts usually are the ‘symptoms’ of a disfunctional childhood and upbringing and simply ‘looking in the mirror and saying something new, uplifting and inspiring and talk nice to yourself’ wont help much – it’s worth a try but it won’t stay consistent…
    Neglecting our bodies is the result of our sad and neglected souls. When our spirit suffers we are too weak to tend after our physical body and vice versa when we neglect our body our spirit will start to be affected also. It’s all about balance and nothing but.

    • Thank you Polina, very insightful. Speaking for myself, I have to agree whole-heartedly. My own journey has included lots of soul searching, reflection, counseling and a never ending spiritual discovery process. Fitness has always been part of that and whether I’m listening to Schuller, Robins, Oprah, Abraham, Osteen, Hays, Williamsom, Winfrey, ….emotional fitness and physical fitness is inexorably linked.
      Balance. Yes.

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