Get Fit Over 40

It’s about fitness in the conventional sense and more….

It’s about finding a clear sense of purpose and having the guts to follow that path and live that life. It’s about improving yourself in ways that are more than physical by developing a strong mind and spirit. It’s about feeling stronger than you have ever felt, facing adversities that challenge you and developing a willpower that changes you.

Getting fit over 40 prepares you for the years ahead with confidence, toughness, discipline and the independence to choose your own path, free from the existing beliefs of society.

GET FIT OVER 40 is about awesome aging and becoming the best version of yourself.

planuntitled-328“Good health is possible at any age. When you prioritize and manage your health with fitness and nutrition, you have the power to control the quality of your life. With basic knowledge, common sense, consistency and a good plan, every person is capable of achieving their optimal weight and better health. Every person can achieve the physique of their dreams and enjoy optimal good health and wellbeing.”

Welcome! I’m Karen Pilote and it’s great to meet you!

Get Fit Over 40 Website: www.getfitover40.tv
Get Fit Over 40 Facebook: www.facebook.com/GetFitOver40
The Action Plan: www.facebook.com/TheActionPlanGFO40




  1. Hi Karen, Great to find your blog today. Can you send me an email, I have an idea to run by you and can’t see a contact address here. The email linked to my WP acct. is fine. thanks so much.

    You look great btw!!!

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