Begin with Belief



Have you slowly gained weight over the past few years since turning 40? Or have you always had a problem with slow metabolism and excess weight?

Have you tried every diet, program and system, rarely finishing any of them? Or are you too busy, tired or totally despondent about dieting failures?

I want to assure you this; the weight loss defeats you’ve experienced in the past are not failures at all. They’re the lessons you needed to learn in order to succeed this time! Now you know what doesn’t work and you’ll understand better what will work now. When you believe that you can be successful at weight loss (because it makes sense)  you’ll lose the weight. It sounds too simple, I know, but it’s the truth.


I know that it’s absolutely possible to get amazing results from a realistic training program and balanced nutrition, but do you believe you can? Success in any area of life directly relates to your ability to believe in the desired outcome.

  • Are you ready to change the way you think so that you can change the way you look and feel?
  • Will you allow yourself to hope that it’s possible to re-shape your body and your life?

I know you can. I’ve seen many “aha” moments when a client finally “gets it.”  But it might be hard for you to see that just now, especially if you’re fed up, frustrated, or maybe even angry. You may feel depressed, hopeless and scared; worried you can’t do it or worse, worried it can’t be done. It’s overwhelming.

I need help! I could really use suggestions about how to lose weight now that I’m over 40. I’m not too much over-weight, but my scale is the highest it’s ever been, except for when I was pregnant. Before I was 40 it was easy to keep my weight in check without real effort. I never indulged in fatty, greasy foods and I always did some type of exercise, but not daily. Since age 40, no matter what I do, I’m steadily gaining weight. It’s really hard on me.” -Jill

It’s pretty emotional when you feel like you don’t have control. You might be willing to do anything to get a fit and healthy body, but it’s easy to lose confidence when the results don’t show. That’s frustrating!

I was able to lose 40 pounds when I was in my late 30’s. I am now 41 and the weight is creeping back on despite exercise and diet. I feel and look more bloated around my middle and I’m getting depressed by it. I want to lose 30 pounds and I try to follow a low carb, high protein, whole food diet. I also spin, do yoga, and started lifting weights but I just don’t have the confidence I need because the scale won’t budge.” -Patricia

To top it off, physical exhaustion and emotional stress leads to more weight gain and fatigue. It’s a Hamster Wheel nightmare! Pretty soon (if not already) you just damn the whole diet thing, reach for the Haagen Daz and have a helluva MELTDOWN. Which could be a good thing…..

Put the spoon down for a sec and think about this:



Wanting to change something about our life never comes at a good time, nor when things are working fine. Noticing what’s not working, admitting that something’s got to give and having the balls to make that shift during the hardest times of life….that’s when it happens. The day that you ‘decide’ to change your life probably won’t be a bright and cheerful one.”

So today is the day and it’s most likely the reason you’re here right now. You’ve had enough of stupid diets and unreasonable exercise. You’ve had enough of not knowing what to do, not knowing where to turn and not knowing who to believe. You’re getting older and you’re tired of the gaining and losing game. Add to that menopause and belly fat and you throw out the white flag to surrender!

I’m Karen Pilote and I’ve spent 30 years as a fitness instructor, gym owner and personal trainer. I’ve learned first hand what works and what doesn’t. I’ve experienced the trends over the years. I’ve watched them come and go and jumped on every one of them. A lot of it worked too, but I was under 40 then. It’s different now that natural metabolic decline and aging are a factor.


I know what you’re going through because I was exactly where you are today – feeling just awful about myself and not sure if I could do anything about it at 45. Menopause hit me pretty hard! I felt miserable in my own body, I started slacking off my own workouts, and slowly became heavier and sadder. But I pulled myself out of that hole despite my age and I know that it’s possible, and because I’ve been through it, I know you can too.


We’ve been conditioned to believe that aerobic exercise is the best way to lose fat, but in reality new research shows that lifting weights is better than traditional cardio for fat loss, performance, and overall health. Lifting lighter weights more quickly while decreasing the rest between sets will get the very best fat loss results.

When done correctly, combining traditional weight lifting exercises into complex movement patterns and  performing the work at a higher intensity will engage more muscles and burn fat quickly. You get the benefits of both cardio and weight training with shorter workouts and less time at the gym.

Karen Pilote The Action Pla

Metabolic Conditioning

Traditional aerobic exercise still has its place in an effective and balanced fat loss program, but it doesn’t build a lot of muscle which you need for long-term fat loss.  If you do it exclusively, endurance training can lead to higher levels of stress hormones, which work against fat loss, and most of us just can’t stand it! If you dislike your training that much you’re not going to adhere to it. It’s said that the best program for fat loss is the one you’ll stick to and I agree.


You simply want to be fit, lean and healthy, and so your life should reflect that. You want ease and fun, so your workouts should reflect that. Your fitness regimen shouldn’t include a steady diet of workouts you dislike!

– A combination of HIIT training, walking/jogging, weight lifting is the way to keep you interested and engaged in your program and will have your body consistently adapting and improving. The variety of activity will keep you engaged and motivated.

– Whether you want fat loss or improved performance, you have to stay with the program so you have to enjoy the program! Take the complicated out of your workouts, play at them, modify them and look forward to them.

– Get strong all over by training the major and minor muscles in every workout. Less time working out makes it simpler to schedule exercise into your life.

– Make your workouts fit into the time you can spare. At the outset of training you’ll be amazed by the effects of short, intense exercise sessions. As you grow stronger, you can do more. By gradually working up to longer workouts you can do more and lose more.

– Train and feel like you’re an athlete. Even if you’ve never played a sport in your life, nor do you intend to, feeling powerful will translate into every area of your life. It’s proven that what you believe you become. Play the part and very soon you will be that person feeling strong, fast, confident and coordinated.

– Simplify your life by making it easier to do everyday tasks, fit comfortably into the wardrobe you have, use the time you spend obsessing over the poor state of your life to plan, create and build a life you love.


My life changed drastically when I started training this way. I’m energetic and more confident because my workouts are effective and take less time. I enjoy my life, my work and my social life because I feel stronger and more sure now that I have control over my health and my physique. You can too.


Happier Now

Now – I’m happier now. This method of hybrid training has changed my life, and I feel I have more  control over my health, the quality of life and my body image.

Since competing in Fitness and achieving the lean, chiseled physique required, I know that anything is possible. Now, I’ve tailored my fitness regime to maintain an “everyday” healthy physique, and I’m satisfied at a “comfortable for me” weight. I can stabilize it with a reasonable workout schedule and maintenance-level workouts. The experience of reaching those competition goals enabled me to reframe my perspective about what “fit” means to me. It’s not skinny!  A strong, healthy, athletic body, (and the moderate lifestyle that goes with it), suits me better than the extreme leanness that I thought I wanted for so long.

2007 – I did it the wrong way. In 2007 my training program was based on the old standard: hours of aerobic dance classes, treadmill and weights. I learned that traditional cardio and weights didn’t work. At the time I did lose weight but I was only a smaller version of my original shape; thick thighs, cellulite and disproportionate symmetry. I wanted the physique of a figure athlete; leaner legs and a more balanced, athletic type body, but the training methods I used limited me.


Wrong Way – Smart Way

2011 –  I did it the smart way. When I began my metabolic workouts in 2011 I achieved visible changes  immediately. In 3 months I lost 30 pounds and came into show very lean. Combining a balanced food plan with daily metabolic sessions, some stairs and a little running, I was easily able to slim my thighs and build a decent upper body. When learned the right way to achieve my goals, and when I committed to the right program everything changed for me.


It’s true right?

  • Look at the body you have right now, and look at the work that you’ve done to get it. If you’ve done no work, you’ve got a body that shows it.
  • If you’ve done inconsistent work, your body shows that.
  • If you’ve done the right work, in the right amounts, in the right progression, you’d have the body of your dreams and you wouldn’t be reading this now.

Don’t make this observation with negative judgement, just notice where you are and realize why you’re there.

Don’t berate yourself for where you are! Don’t blame yourself for not doing it faster or better. Now that you know better you can do better. Accept where you are and understand that you’ve done the best you could. Now, armed with this knowledge, your life is really going to change. You can reach your goals!

You have the power to change your body, your fitness and your life if you are willing to change the way you think. You’ve always been willing to do the work, mentally and physically, but it’s different this time now that you’ve found a plan you have confidence in and the support you need.

Forget the past and move forward with a strong inner knowledge that you can change all that.


You’re unstoppable now! Find out more about your new plan! CLICK on a link below and find out more about The Action Plan Fat-loss Program, The Nourish Nutrition Plan or the Strong Over 40 Beginning Weights Series.

The Action PlanNourish Nutrition PlanStrong Over 40



  1. Very Informative….thank you so much!

  2. Great article. Am at this point in my life. You have inspired me to not give up. Thank you so very much.

  3. Is the HIIT training safe for someone with lower back problems? I have chronic pain in my lower back.

    • I would definitely seek professional guidance before undertaking any fitness program. That said, you will most likely have to modify any fitness program that you undertake. HIIT is high intensity training but that term is relative to your current condition and fitness level. Your “high intensity” will be much lower intensity than that of a person without chronic low back pain. Movement is important and a program that can guide you with a gradual progression of increasing intensity is good- it can give you a success marker system. Whatever program you do choose P, be sure to follow it at your own pace, with your own modifications, extended rest periods and get spot on with nutrition, water consumption and restful, healing sleep. ~karen

  4. Julie Johnson says:

    I am 56 and finally have the time and have decreased the stress in my life. I am ready to move forward and be committed to making my body look great. I have a trainer who incorporates these principles, but I need to increase my days I work out. So I want to make sure I maintain the right movements. I also need to follow a plan to keep me focused and on track!

    • Awesome Julie! The Action Plan is a great resource for you to follow in conjunction with your work with your trainer- it will give you a great plan to increase activity over time in a reasonable, smart and effective progression. You don’t want to increase your loads too fast. Do enough work to get to the next level safely and make the habits sustainable. Good for you that you get it- that a plan will keep you organized and adhering!

  5. Katryna Kosarek says:

    IM NOT INTERESTED IN HAVING A 6 pack. I’m 45, 130 lbs. When doing planks my stomach sags bad. How can I fix this.

    • Hi Katryna Belly fat is positively affected by a balanced program of strength training, cardio, HIIT and consistent good nutrition but it sounds to me as if you are seeing excess skin sag. It is completely normal, especially in positions like the plank, for gravity to cause this. The human body has folds, lumps, sags and imperfections. You can minimize this by building muscle all over with extra concentration on the core area – you may not want a six pack but by working to get one you will alleviate (perhaps not eliminate) the sagging skin issue….hope this helps Katryna!

  6. Very great information and facts. Thanks.

  7. Billi Jo Nichols says:

    I would love to be successful and not a failure…….

  8. Awesome

  9. Carmichael Adams says:

    Hi Karen Pilote,and good morning this new wonderful day. The advice you give is priceless..your methods surreal. I subscribe to getfitover40 and looking forward to seeing what’s ahead in our future as partners on my personal journey toward a new me.p.s.Thank You for not giving up on your self and helping others do the same.

  10. I have enjoyed this article very much. I am starting my journey to a healthy life. I have lost a lot of weight already, but now is time to “tone”. My metabolism seems to be working against me. You have provided me with some new approaches, and for that I am grateful. I have you on FB and enjoy the many inspirational quotes you post.

    • Congratulations on the weight loss Karry, it’s an awesome feeling right? One thing to remember, your metabolism never works against you. Metabolism is a term that describes all of the diverse body functions that help keep us alive, not just weight gain and loss. So rest assured, it’s working for you as long as you are eating and exercising, sleeping and attending to your health. You will always have the ability to manage/improve your weight, your health and your physical circumstances! Great to meet you! ~karen

  11. Rosalyn Curry says:

    Seriously looking at program, thanks

  12. Hi, Karen. You are very motivational, I’m glad I happened passed you Facebook page, I have recently been trying to achieve some change in my life getting healthy, losing some weight (still have 25lbs to go), getting outdoors and of course exercising (btw I’m beginning to love).
    I’m starting to notice the curves that are forming and I’m please with the reward from exercise but I’m curious to know if I will see a change with the cellulite?? I want to be able to wear shorts with confidence especially now that I have started running, it’s hot in Texas! Lol

    • Hey Missy! WTG! Congrats on the lifestyle changes and weight loss, you’re on a roll and nothing can stop you! Cellulite WILL become substantially less obvious and less visible. While it is there, and you may have difficulty NOT noticing it even at a healthy weight, (we women have tunnel vision and focus in on any tiny flaw) you will feel more confident, I promise you. Make sure to include weight training for legs. As we get older, muscle will atrophy leaving skin loose. When you build muscle you are, in effect, propping up/stretching the skin around a full, beautifully shaped muscle. As well, strong leg muscles will help your running and become major metabolic machines, burning fat from your whole body. Win-Win don’t you think? It goes without saying that your nutrition needs to be really good; take in enough calories to support activities of daily living (give your body all the nutrients it requires) AND build muscle. Running in the Texas heat will sap the strength so stay smart! Stay in touch ok? Would love to hear about you reaching goal!! ~karen

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