The Purpose is Joy


 A Balanced Lifestyle

Life will always be filled with challenges and a lean physique won’t make them go away. But when you get fit you’ll be stronger, more confident and better able to handle the ups and downs. When you have a healthy body and a balanced outlook you come back into the game prepared and fit for action.

 From Overweight to Competition to a Balanced, Healthy and Full Life


When you undertake the challenge to lose weight and reclaim your life and joy, the journey is fairly strict and life can feel limited. Do it anyway. For the few months that it will take, and for the times that it’s difficult, tiring and exhausting keep imagining health, vitality and joy. The process will pay off!

Once you’ve made the transition, a fit lifestyle is fun. Maintaining a lean and healthy body will be easier than you can imagine. You will come to love activities that will support your new life.

Never give up. Never give in!

A Healthy and Balanced Life

When you look back at the memories of your life will you remember healthy times having fun with friends and family?


balancefamilyPicMonkey Collage


balancefriendsPicMonkey Collage


balancefunPicMonkey Collage

We Are More

We are more than the size of our clothing and a number on a scale, but if  you’re bothered by the condition of your physical body and it causes you to feel poorly about yourself, take control! You can Get Fit Over 40 and enjoy a long, healthy and happy life!

Don’t let your physical condition hold you back from enjoying every bit of good there is in your life.

Cheers to your new, healthy lifestyle!

Let’s do this!


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