The Show I Don’t Talk About

(It’s that one, on the left, the yellow suit. Aghhh!)

The first time I hit the stage was a professional disaster but a personal win. Prior to this show, I had made some pretty good-for-me progress with traditional training. I thought I was the bomb, so I signed on to compete in my “real first” show.

I got on stage thinking I was a rockstar, strutting my stuff like an Olympia Pro. In hindsight I realize that I had “first timer fever” (state of mind when you’ve initially lost weight; it’s characterized by feelings of  invincibility). You make such great changes initially, its overwhelming and you are amazed with yourself. You actually believe that everyone else is amazed by you too. (actually some people are, like your mom).

Yep, I was one of them! But it’s all good, a necessary phase in the weight loss journey…


I was 47 years old, relatively well conditioned (I could teach hours of aerobics) and in decent shape (with clothes on) but I was fat. I just didn’t have the specialized knowledge to make the kind of changes I wanted.

I kept trying anyway. I worked 4 years, albeit intermittently and without laser focus or expertise, but could not make the changes. That’s when, in total menopausal frustration, I hired a Figure Competition Coach and totally reworked my physique. The right way. Within 3 months (I kid you not) with the proper training and nutrition, I was on stage as a Masters Figure Competitor at the age of 51.

Working with a professional made all the difference in the world!

The Stages of Fat Loss


 Training for Aesthetic Goals.

Most women are interested in looking and feeling better, and that’s a great place to start! As you achieve aesthetic goals good health follows, along with improved physical performance- you get lean, feel healthy and become strong.

When I began exercising to lose weight I quickly learned (first hand experience) just how both exercise and nutrition actually play out in this process. I learned that if you were to simply tighten up your diet for 12 continuous weeks you would see your physique improve dramatically. I did so and was able to reduce my body composition from 28% BF to 9% (not suggested) by following a food plan based on 3 simple principles:

1) correct calorie intake

2) proper macro split for my goal

3) food consumed from whole/minimally processed sources

Three Months – Dramatic Improvements.

I went onstage 3 months after I began my weight loss journey and competed for 2.5 years. It was a great experience all the way around and I live the lessons and maintain the habits that I learned in that time. I’m finally comfortable at a reasonable weight, living a balanced lifestyle.

Onstage Photos

The absolute best thing about training and competing is the connection you make with women, it’s all about the friendships!

Competitors Become Friends


With Tosca Reno


Onstage with Industry Pro’s


New Friends Become BFF’s


Girlfriends Rock


Wonderful Women from All Over the World


Generations United


Team Spirit


And A Moment of Truth


My moment of truth came when I understood (I mean REALLY UNDERSTOOD) that skinny is not what I want. Healthy is. I loved this picture at the time, just to see muscles representing determination and drive. Yet, do I want that for life? Nope, not any more. I was able to get ultra-lean and I made my point: it is possible.  I did it, I know it can be done and I know how to get there if I ever want to go again. But for now it’s my mission to Stay Fit Over 40 and lead a life that supports wellness. (and still! that’s not always easy!)


The most important lesson I learned by living these extremes was to find Balance Over 40. That it the most important lesson of all!

Read more: After FIGURE OVER 40 – BALANCE

If you’re ready now visit to start!


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