Is It Possible?

Can I Get Fit Over 40?


Yes! You can Get Fit Over 40.

I’m Karen Pilote, Personal Trainer and I GOT FIT OVER 40, and so can you! You can improve physical conditions that limit your ability to be active. You can manage issues that hold you back. You can improve injuries and strengthen your body. You can lose weight and you can shape your physique.

Where do I start?

#1 Believe you can, decide you will and don’t ever give up.

#2 Get on a plan.

Belief and a plan are not important, they’re vital. You need to follow a realistic course of action that will lead you to your goal. A plan will give you structure and accountability. A plan will allow you to determine what works for you and what does not. And belief in that plan will give you power and assurance. When you follow a plan you can expect a certain outcome. If your efforts don’t yield the desired outcomes, you will be better able to revise the plan, tweak the process and move forward towards your goals. There is no way to fail unless you give up.

 What do I have to do?

-Educate yourself. Learn the basics about training and nutrition.

-Eat for nutrition. Don’t diet. Eat wholesome, real food most of the time.

-Train for performance, not fat loss.

-Limit excessive cardio. Follow a balanced and progressive training program.

-Set an ultimate goal and a realistic time frame. Break your training into 4-6 week cycles that will lead to the overall goal.

Welcome change.

“Change isn’t easy. Changing the way you live means changing the way you think. Changing the way you think means changing what you believe, and that’s the hard part. When we live in misery we often cling to it even when we badly want to change, because that is the life we know. It’s comfortable.”

When you think about starting on a fat loss journey, you may associate it with deprivation, hunger and long arduous workouts. That’s just not the case. Actually, fat loss is impossible under those circumstances, and that’s the good news. Believe you can achieve success, follow a sound training program, accept setbacks (learn from them) and never quit. You may not get this right away, but you will come to understand that getting fit over 40 is easier than at any other age. You have more control over your choices, your time, your finances and your habits. It will take some planning, but that’s where The Action Plan will help.


The ACTION PLAN is a progressive fat loss and body shaping program based on sound exercise principles and a supportive nutrition plan.

To lose fat, lose weight and change your physique you must exercise and eat well.

Exercise is effective for weight loss, especially when you combine weight training and cardio training with an effective nutrition plan. This program organizes all the components that you need to achieve your goal; all you have to do is DO IT.

On the Action Plan you will move relatively heavy weights and/or body weight, quickly. Following the plan, you will get to this point safely, without risking injury. Start with lighter weights and slow, controlled movements. Over a matter of several weeks, you will become stronger and naturally able to increase the weight you lift and speed at which its lifted. You will adapt.









You will incorporate several different modes of training over the next 3 months. Each session targets a specific component of fitness training that is required for overall fitness and sustainable weight loss.


The Action Plan includes 10 basic multi-joint exercises that will engage a lot of muscles at one time. Training like this will burn calories, and you will develop a lean, strong body. The risk of injury should be significantly lower using complex (multi-joint) exercises. Various muscle groups work together to execute the movements, creating patterns that promote safety and that work in developing a functional and fit body.

planLunge Forward 2









These sessions are incorporated at the outset in an effort to encourage you to set aside time everyday for training. As you progress through the plan, walk sessions provide an active recovery time.









High Intensity Interval Training is cardio done at a higher intensity for a shorter period of time. This method of training will not only help you maintain your muscle, but can help you build muscle mass. Maintaining and/or building muscle is critical for weight loss. With HIIT programs, the intensity bursts are tough and challenging, but they are short in duration.


Walk/jog/lunge/sprint intervals will address muscle strengthening, endurance and fat burning goals. You will burn more fat and calories in a short time by alternating periods of intense effort with periods of moderate to low effort.






Depending upon your current level of fitness, you may need to modify the number of workouts that are outlined in this progressive program. Use the bonus sessions too, if you feel you need more work along the way.


Eating well is a major part of getting in shape. You cannot train every day and see results if you have a bad diet. You need to have both your nutrition and workouts in balance. Use our delicious recipes and sample menus to help get started, or devise your own meals based on the calorie and macro nutrient information available in the plan.

Get Started Now! Instant Download!

Download THE ACTION PLAN today and start now. Feel in control and be assured success. The Action Plan works when you commit. Believe then be fit.

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It’s your time now, let’s get started!



  1. Hi! Super excited to find your page! How do I know that the Action Plan will challenge my fitness level?

    • Great that you found us Cheryl! The Action Plan is challenging for beginners to moderate level exercisers. It is designed for progressive overload and gradually increases in volume and intensity over the course of 18 weeks. A more advanced exerciser could skip to month 2 but I would suggest starting at the beginning, get familiar with the movements, experiment with weight loads and push to work through HIIT sessions with little rest periods. If the program is still less challenging than required I would “pre-exhaust” with some isolated moves or a run. There are numerous ways to modify the program up or down in intensity. The “key point” for the Action Plan is that it is “a plan” that works because it is progressive and flexible. Karen~

  2. Hey Cheryl, I am 68 (soon to be 69) have been a body builder and power lifter in the past….am now doing Pilates, cardio and some weight training but is getting more difficult…have to really push my metabolism and strength. Do you have any pointers for someone my age…would like to keep my upper body and thighs fit and sculpted. Many thanks, Kathy Carow Thomas

    • Hi Kathy! Metabolism and strength are positively affected by isolated muscular training. I would revisit weight lifting to address those issues. If there is excess weight to lose you could cycle between lifting and HIIT cardio. Keep your priorities in order and plan accordingly. Pilates is wonderful but if your goal is shaping and strength then lift weights! Excessive cardio will hamper this process so choose activities (bleacher, stepper, elliptical and treadmill climbs) that shape and sculpt your thighs and elevate your heart rate into the fat burning zone. The key is to plan a progressive program that will gradually overload your muscles and cause them to adapt and strengthen. It goes without saying that your nutrition has to provide the building blocks for a strong, shapely physique. You know what to do, you’ve been there before! Great job, so motivating to hear from you! Karen~

  3. I meant Karen regarding the above comment (sorry), Thanks Kathy Carow Thomas

  4. Thanks so much Karen for your prompt and informative reply. I forgot to mention that I also love yoga, but be that as it may, I am going to put your suggestions into motion. Will keep you apprised of my progress. ……Young at heart…..Kathy Carow Thomas ^_^

  5. How much cost the action plan

  6. Christina says:

    Hello! Is this plan good for someone with injuries? I have a tear in the cartilage in my wrist, bursitis in the shoulder, a disc bulge on the spine along with tears and disc degenerative disease, and tears in the knee. I as well have desensitization which has flare ups of muscle weakness on the right side of my body. I tried the gym for 3 months and aquaspinning and I often left crying of pain . As for nutrition are the suggestions good for someone with IBS, lactose and sorbitol intolerance?

    • Wow Christina, that is one heck of a list! The Action Plan is a good plan for someone with injuries and common sense. Any program you undertake will be difficult; you will have to modify most exercises and record your physical response daily. The Action Plan is a guided program rather than a diet and exercises “set in stone.” The key to success is following the pre-planned progression as best you can and at your pace with respect to your limitations. You will have to listen to your body and give it time to recuperate, push it to the pain threshold but not beyond, and eat with the intent of nourishing, strengthening and healing. The progression of exercise intensity, frequency and duration will be slower for a person with injuries as you will pause often at points throughout the weeks to learn and implement unique ways to prompt your body into strengthening, adapting and overcoming the injuries. Food choices will be critical because you will need to provide sufficient nutrition to support daily functions as well as healing considerations.
      We are always around for advice and support. Ready? Karen~

  7. I don’t exercise regularly, but do enjoy it once I get going. My biggest problem is diet – just can’t tolerate many vegetables. I try them over and over and they still make me sick especially mushrooms, asparagus, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and especially BEETS. Is there any way to do this if you est the same few veggies over and over?

    • Of course Kim, the key to staying consistent with good eating habits is to find the foods that you enjoy and incorporate them into your diet. You can get a good variety of nutrients from a select few vegetables, but I would work to alternate them to keep things interesting and enjoyable. Don’t confine yourself to dietary rules, instead, aim to eat intuitively and find what works best for you!

  8. Judith Sutton says:

    What modifications would you suggest for the over sixty?

    • Hi Judith, I think that it is important to consider your own personal limitations without attaching an age. All of these exercises can be modified to suit the fitness abilities of any individual, whether 16 or 60. If you view the video demos in this blog’s “The Ten” section, modifications are shown. It goes without saying that you should put forth an effort that is slightly greater than you are capable of today, monitor your reaction, rest and come back fresh for your next workout. It would be reasonable to expect discomfort but if you feel pain seek professional guidance to correct the issue so you can get back to your program safely. Let me know how it’s going! karen~

  9. Hi Karen–how are the HIIT exercises described in the Action Plan? I see the board of “HIIT 5 Tampa” but I don’t know what those are. My concern is that I won’t be doing the exercises properly. Do you do videos like the Christmas Challenge? Is an eBook interactive or just pages like a book? Is there a meal plan, Sundays say plan meals or something like that. Thank you–trying to get a feel for how The Action Plan will be different than other plans. 😉

    • Hey Tera!
      The 10 HIIT exercises are described and accompanied with start and finish photos. Each exercise has its own video demonstration here on the blog under the category “The Ten”. I hope to do a few Christmas Challenge videos with narration giving cues and demonstrating more of the actual tempo and intensity that a participant can expect to use in their own training. The ebook is interactive in that it has pages to record start weights and monthly progressions. The meal plans are included to give the participant an idea of what their own menus should look like. The meal plans are all comprised of the recipes that Kate has designed but it should go without saying that an individual should make it their own, use the menus and recipes as a guide and, over time, develop an personal eating strategy. The Plan should not be so different from other “credible” programs as the basics of weight loss are never going to change……..if you get what I’m saying. Let me know if I can help out more! Karen~

  10. Hi
    I’m dairy (not lactose) and wheat (not gluten) intolerant. Does your eating plan have suitable recipes?

    • Hi Janet! Yes, I’m comfortable saying that plan has suitable recipes. The meals are all very basic and the ingredients are easily interchangeable so that they would be compatible with any type of special needs. Kate has designed the recipes and is available to suggest and help with the modifications. We are both on the Facebook page regularly to help! Karen~

  11. Hey Karen, I am wanting to purchase but is the only way to pay by using Paypal? I have had 2 identity theft issues when trying to use Paypal in the past and therefore I have closed my account and will not be making purchases thru that method of payment again. Wondering if I can purchase another way? Please let me know. Thanks! LaDonna

  12. Hi Karen,

    Is PayPal the only option for payment?

  13. Maria E says:

    Question do you have to follow the Shrink part of the program to be successful? Because I have low blood sugar and I need to have healthy carbs like a sweet potato or brown rice?

    • By all means Maria, go directly to the weight loss program, most people will be better able to sustain a balanced weight loss plan and are better off moving gradually into a heathy nutritional plan. Make sure to eat balanced portions of protein, carb and fat, eat often to feel full and exercise to burn stored fat. Of course, water and sleep are very important as well! ~karen

  14. Theresa says:

    Does your plan work for the morbidly obese? I am 46 and I weigh 270 pounds. I don’t want to do surgery because I don’t want saggy skin but I want to be healthy but working out hurts.

    • In short Theresa, yes. You are brave to ask and wonder and hope, I applaud you! The longer answer requires the need to caution about starting where you are, accepting the uncomfortable aspects of any fitness program, the need to address pain (as opposed to muscle soreness) immediately, modifying the volume of work, progressing gradually though the entire program, being disciplined to work consistently when motivation is low, eating wholesome food often, nurturing yourself mentally and physically……etc. etc. etc. Working out hurts everyone, but it’s a different hurt for everyone. In the case of obesity, certain exercises and positions are physically difficult or impossible. Perform them anyway, in the range of motion that you can accomplish at this time, knowing that your efforts will yield progress. Your squat may look like a teeny weeny curtsy, that’s OK! Tomorrow you will feel stronger and that squat will begin to look like a squat. And you will come to believe what I do; everyone of us is capable of becoming athletic, fit, vital and well……I will help in any and all ways possible! xokaren

    • Hi Theresa: Did you start the program? I am at 250 and wanted to get your perspective.

  15. kslanting says:

    Is there a Kindle version of the book?

    • Yes, The Action Plan digital download opens in Kindle. Perfect for the workouts and the recipes; the plan moves easily from the gym to the kitchen and to the grocery store……thanks for inquiring K. Have a great weekend!

  16. Chrissy says:

    Do you need a gym membership to food your work out plan

    • Hi Chrissy! You can do The Action Plan at home. You need one dumbbell to start and then, as you get stronger, get a few more in different weights. There is a suggestion to perform some treadmill, bike, or elliptical workouts, but the program works by doing what you can do with what you have. Once you experience the improvements in your fitness you will be inclined to seek out a variety of equipment. It’s beneficial to switch it up but not absolutely necessary. :)karen

  17. Greetings from Dallas, Tx! Is this program good for a beginner? What if I cannot complete a HIIT workout? Do I do as many reps as I can or do I do them all even if I must take a break? Also, can I do more than one round of this? We’re going on our honeymoon finally in August.

    • Hiya Zandi! Yes the program is appropriate for a beginner with the intention of starting where you are and progressing at your own rate. I would suggest getting into the habit of sticking to the schedule as best as possible and modifying each HIIT board. Do less sets, do less reps or do less weight…..whatever feels right and challenging. Decide on your personal goal for that day, for that board and work to achieve it. You will grow stronger and more confident within days, and then you will know what is reasonable to expect from yourself. You can do the program more than once, by the time you complete 3 months you will be well able to decide what workouts to do on what day, you might even be doubling up on some by then. I also post random workouts on the facebook page that you could incorporate. Once The Action Plan is completed, you will have a good grasp of what it takes to achieve your goals………and you should be in fantastic shape for your honeymoon! Congratulations!

  18. A Mom Wanting to be Proud says:

    Hi, I am sixty-seven years old, and I have never been into exercise. My generation of women was told that it was “un-ladylike.” Consequently, because I also eat a lot, I am considerably overweight: 235 pounds at 5’4″. And when I sweat, it’s so awful . . . I sweat buckets! Would I be able to undertake this program with some chance of success? Other than my weight and flabby muscles, I am pretty healthy. No heart disease, diabetes, etc. I do, however, struggle with depression and take medication for that which makes it more difficult for me to lose weight. Still, I think the exercise might help fight the depression. I watched my daughter (38 years old) and my daughter-in-law (in early 40s) completely change their bodies because of working out . . . and I want to do the same thing (at least as far as possible). Is this just a dream at my age? I know that if I don’t get moving soon, I soon won’t be able to move at all! I also have a job where I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. I would like to have a reasonable idea of my chance of some success before I invest any money in the plan as, like most older single women, I am on a limited income. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Oh, you should be so proud right now. You have great courage to ask and hope… all there is to do is believe in yourself. The degree of difficulty for this program specifically is most likely beyond your current fitness level, but that is to be expected with any new undertaking. Right? The benefit would be that it is planned in a progressive sequence that will prompt response gradually. If you were to undertake the program with appropriate modifications and make it even more gradual (cut every workout in half, repeat every week twice, pay attention to body response and proceed accordingly) you would find value and a learning experience in the plan. You’ll find that when you feel hope, undertake the challenge, focus on how special you are and take good care of yourself, you may rely less on medication to control your feelings. Food has so much to do with moods/depression so it will be fascinating for you to discover how good you feel as you gradually begin to change your eating habits as well. I’m willing to help you see this through if you decide that this is something you feel good about. Much love for you on this exciting journey. ~karen

      • A Mom Wanting to be Proud says:

        Thank you for your kind reply, Karen. If I join the plan, would I have continuing contact with you for directions specific to my situation and for that much-needed motivation? Katherine

  19. Yes Katherine I would be more than happy to help.

  20. Katherine Hageland says:

    Karen, I have the money now, but I would like to know what exactly a person receives for the $60.00 fee. Just an old lady being careful . . . . Thank you! Katherine

    • Hi Katherine! The Action Plan is pretty well outlined in the blog post
      The manual itself will be out of print until September 2014, I have a copy reserved for you now. I will do my best to address technical questions for you whenever possible. Facebook pages The Action Plan and Get Fit Over 40 provide daily motivation. A weekly newsletter is delivered Friday afternoons.
      I totally understand your need for caution and I assure you- if you are in a mindset of “I will not fail” this plan will not fail you! You have my email address and I always, always, always take every opportunity to support those who are in the “I will not fail” mindset. That’s you, right? 🙂

      • Katherine Hageland says:

        Hi Karen: I want to buy today, how do I find the purchase link that also include the hard cover book you reserved for me? Katherine

  21. Helen M Hunter says:

    I am 42, post menopausal and having great difficulty with my weight. I worked out and stayed fit in my 30s but I am having increasing troubles with losing any weight no matter what I do over the last 2 years. I’m looking for whatever help I can get 🙂

    • Hi Helen! Post menopause is perceived to be a difficult time to manage weight. It can be, but that is mostly because we believe it to be so. Make up your mind to control your physical self, work at finding the right balance for your individual circumstances, and then consistently, persistently, tenaciously, patiently (or impatiently) work toward that progression (not perfection). The undertaking will have to dominate your thoughts and life for a time (like any educational process must) but you will be rewarded with improved health and the ability to achieve your desired physique. If I may suggest one thing? Take “menopause” out of the equation and begin to address your weight loss from the perspective of “I’ve got this! I have SO GOT THIS! 🙂 kp

  22. Hi Katherine, if you purchase the e-book download (49.99) and send me your address via email to I will send you the manuscript.

    • Katherine Hageland says:

      Karen, I am reading through the plan. As you know, I’m 67 years old, weight 230 lbs, and am totally unfit. What weight dumbbell should I start with? Also, I see the exercises are done on bare floor. I only have a carpeted area available. Is it okay to try these on carpet? Do I need an exercise mat? Is there anything else I need for the exercises? As you said, I am planning to cut every workout in half and to repeat each week twice. The plan said I should start with 2000 calories a day . . . that seems like an awful lot when trying to lose weight. I thought I would start at 1200, but now I’m a bit confused. Anything else I need to know for my situation? Thanks for your help! Katherine

      • Yes Katherine! I know that you are 67 years YOUNG; will weigh less than 200 lbs in very short time and be closer to fit every day from today forward! 🙂 Start with 0-5lb weights. Assess your response every single day and attribute any pain/discomfort to the previous workout- address unusual pain/discomfort immediately and learn to discern between that and some expected “beginner” soreness and lethargy. Please please please, work at nourishing your body with at least 2000 calories of very clean, wholesome food to begin. You will “lose weight” in direct response to the new exercise regime. “All that” food is going to help with energy, stamina, healing and rejuvenating. It is a real lot to eat….work at making it happen because it’s just that important! You will begin to gradually lower calorie intake only when weight loss slows, can you see the value in that? You have somewhere to go when you begin with a healthy portion of food. If you go to 1200 (completely and utterly foolish! I say that with a tough love tone) you have no cards left to play out….we need to be able to manipulate food and exercise to continue to prompt weight loss…..that’s all for now ok? If you can digest that info and trust that it will make sense as you implement the new strategies. Carpet is fine, take your time….. xo
        read the article posted on FB pages Get Fit Over 40 and The Action Plan- is was so good I posted it on both pages 🙂

  23. Katherine Hageland says:

    Hi Karen: I have begun the first week of exercise doing half as you suggested, but I have questions. I’m doing the jumping jacks instead of the Burpee and MC (also omitting the pushup for now) as these hurt my wrists, shoulders and ankles and I cannot do them — yet. But I can do the QA, Jump Squat, High Pull, Squat Press, FWD Lunge, DB Swing, and Squat Row . . . but how do the rounds work? In the first round do I just do 5 QA, then for second round ad 5 JS to 5 QA, with third round being 6 HP added to the above JJ and QA, and so forth? Also, what do the “hash marks” next to each round indicate? Does that mean I would only add 14 SRs to the to the last round? I plan to do each week 2X. Then should I go to the next week or go back and double up the repititions for each exercise on each round from the first week? Hope these questions make sense. Also, I’m eating EVERY calorie of the 2000 a day you said to start with. You are the expert! That’s why I’m here. Katherine

    • Sounds great Katherine, you are owning your workout! Make it yours. The hash marks are rounds, and you add an exercise each round. (Round 1 – press) (Round 2 press + squat) (Round 3 press + squat + high pull) (Round 4 press + squat + push up) Honestly, you can format this workout anyway you’d like at the outset and get results just by doing.

      You should decide how to proceed to week 3 when you get closer to that time. You may opt to stay with the Tree and the Fifty, but don’t get bored or let your body adapt too much. Variety is key for many reasons.

      I am so glad that you are eating well! You will have great stamina from good quality nutrients and calorie maneuverability when plateaus hit, and they will! I am really proud of you my friend!

  24. Katherine Hageland says:

    I should have said the above modifications are for a woman of 67 who has never exercised.

  25. Beth Bershader says:

    Do you have a website? Do you have any stories you can share from people who have used your plan?

    • Hi Beth, The website for The Action Plan-Get Fit Over 40 is and here is a list of our other internet spaces:

      This is a testimonial from Stella, the results page on the website is currently under construction/renovation/updating. 🙂

      “How did I find GFO 40 on Facebook? Friend of a friend? Who cares? The fact is – I found it and I LOVE IT. I started to follow GFO 40 by reading it daily on Facebook for motivation and inspiration. Then I read a story about Karen. She was 50 years young and competing in a figure competition. Wow! What an awesome and inspiring lady.

      At the end of October, I read about this Action Plan. I work out with a personal trainer 3x a week. I do my cardio, but I was getting bored and didn’t feel like I had been seeing results lately. I emailed Karen to get more information about the program and what was involved. She promptly responded and let me know that it would be challenging and would certainly “shake up” my routine.

      This seemed to me to be a great investment in my health – 18 weeks for less than the cost of what many people spend on their fancy coffee in one week!

      I’m a busy mother, wife and attorney; I am NOT a personal trainer. I don’t have time to plan out my workouts to continue progressing and seeing results. When the going gets tough, I hop on the treadmill and walk uphill or run a few miles. I sometimes do HIIT by adjusting the speed on the treadmill. Yes, I get Oxygen magazine and read the workouts, but will I try mountain climbers and burpees on my own in the privacy of my home? No.

      So what did I get from GFO 40 with the Action Plan? A great progressive workout program! I wake up in the morning, have a workout designed for me, and know what I need to do. And then I do it! One day it may be a HIIT program, another day a core workout, a treadmill program, or a walking program. Each program is designed to challenge me as I get progressively stronger and build endurance.

      What did I like about the Action Plan? First, it was so well organized. Each day for 18 weeks, I had a workout planned. I knew what I had to do. I spent 30 minutes in the morning doing my workout and I KNEW I was going to have a great day! The workouts were efficient and effective. They are just what a busy working person needs. The HIIT program was a cardio program with weights. It wasn’t boring. You progress at your own level. Yes, mountain climbers were difficult and so were jump squats – actually, I didn’t even know what they were at first – but Karen provides a demonstration video for each workout. That was pretty fantastic, like having my own personal trainer! When I started I could only do 10 or 20 mountain climbers at a time, but as I continued to do them and train my body, soon I could do 100! Hooray!

      Yes, I walked before the program, but would I walk and then do travelling lunges? No. Do I now? Yes, and I can feel my body getting stronger each time!

      Nutrition is a BIG part of getting in shape. You CANNOT workout or train every day and see results if you have a bad diet. You need to have both your nutrition and workouts in balance, and that’s just what I got with the action plan. Delicious meals and sample menus were provided to help me get started.

      Did I see changes? Absolutely! But I am not satisfied. I want to be the BEST that I can be. I want to continue to progress and variety is key in my workouts and I know that these workouts will continue to challenge my body and since my workouts are NOT boring, I keep coming back.

      What workout do you have planned today? I don’t have to think about it; I will just follow the ACTION PLAN.”
      Stella Knight

  26. hi.. am Ganesh Kudva .aged 47 years.. I am actually aFit person.. but suddenly I developed umbilical hernia .. had a surgery.. will I be able to regain my fitness..

    • You can, absolutely, regain your fitness Ganesh! You will have to follow your doctors instructions and then also your own internal guidance. Being a fit person you, undoubtedly know the stages it takes to achieve the level of fitness you enjoyed prior the hernia, and you will have to begin at the beginning. You will find that your muscles and circulatory system will adapt well BECAUSE OF your age, not despite it. The body has an incredible ability to heal; just take your time, whatever program you begin. Listen well and heed warning signals, nourish your body, rest long and hard, hydrate and think positive- stay motivated and consistent. You’ve got this! ~karen

  27. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and am very overwieight, so before I purchase the action plan are there modifications included that will help me with my limited abilities (meaning very bad knees and ankles)? Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Cynthia! There are modifications included and demonstrated on “THE TEN” exercise tutorial videos on this page. No matter what program you begin it will be imperative to listen to your own body, work up to the pain and not through it….I can help with further modifications for squats and lunges (you would simply do knee friendly movements like lying leg lifts, bridges, lying hip thrusters) until a time that you can perform a squat, then 2, then 3. Gradual progression and a constant attention to how you feel THAT DAY, is a must! You will, most likely, have to accommodate this type of condition for the rest of your life but weight loss and muscle strengthening will always benefit osteoarthritis. ~karen

  28. How do I purchase the hard copy action plan?

  29. Kim Robinson says:

    Hi there
    Trying to purchase the Action Plan but says it’s $49.99 – not $39.99 when I add it to my cart?


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