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Too many of us women have used diet methods that slow metabolism and that’s the main reason that our efforts failed in the past.

Instead, we need to train and eat to support muscle growth and retention. Metabolism and muscle are key to losing fat and developing a lean, fit, strong, slim and healthy physique. That’s what we promote, teach and practice at GFO40.

It’s time to ditch infomercial weight-loss plans and fake “health-food” diet programs. It’s time learn sustainable healthy eating habits. It’s time take the intelligent way to weight loss and succeed forever.




“The ACTION PLAN is an 18 WEEK progressive fat loss and body shaping program that is based on sound exercise principles and a supportive nutrition plan. This plan combines quick tempo weight training and cardio exercise with an effective, sustainable eating system. The Action Plan is organized for you on a calendar that’s easy to follow and includes every fitness component necessary to achieve your weight loss goals. You can do this program at home with minimal equipment or take it to the gym for your cardio days. You will notice major changes immediately!”

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Add to Cart  Action Plan: eBook Instant Download Only. $49.99

Add to Cart  Action Success Coaching Program. $200.00



 The “STRONG OVER 40″ series is a progressive weight training program designed to help you learn the basics of weight lifting. This installment, SO40MONTH ONE, is a great place to start if you’re overweight, out of shape, or if you have any health issues. Always check with your medical professional but most conditions will respond positively to a sound strength program. When you become stronger and fitter with this program it will be possible to tolerate the more vigorous ACTION PLAN fat loss program. STRONG OVER 40 works well with the Action Plan as well! Use it on alternate ACTION days if you’ve advanced and need want additional shaping or strength.”

Add to Cart  Strong Over 40 – Month One: eBook Instant Download Only. $29.95

Add to Cart Strong Over 40 – Month Two: eBook Instant Download Only. $19.95



“Get ready for summer, an upcoming social event or holiday season with THE PARTY PREP PLAN. This program is perfect if you need to get in shape for any event! It would also be a good short term plan to ready yourself for the longer term commitment to THE ACTION PLAN.  The 6 WEEK  PPP is an efficient, effective and sustainable weight loss program that includes 4 Treadmill Workouts, 4 Core Programs, 4 HIIT Sessions, 4 Walk Workouts, a meal plan and recipes. It’s complete! Similar to the Get Fit Over 40 ACTION PLAN, the PARTY PREP PLAN sessions are organized for you on a calendar and it’s simple to follow. Just do the work, check it off and Get Fit Over 40.”

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Add to Cart Party Prep Plan: eBook Instant Download only $19.95




“Beat sugar cravings and get your eating in order so that your program has a chance to succeed. You have to nourish your body to achieve weight loss. A weak body will not tolerate the exercise necessary to shed fat so if you want a dramatic difference you’ll have to make changes. Start with this 2 WEEK eating program that will teach you the basics and get your body in the nutrient-rich, exercise ready state. This is the foundation work you have to do! If you take the time to learn smart, sustainable habits you will accelerate weight loss and minimize injuries. Eating well is the key, there is no doubt about it!”

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Add to Cart  Nourish Nutrition: eBook Instant Download only. $9.95



  1. I don’t see the SO40- month 2. Is it available yet? It was to be released 15 April.

  2. Rebecca C says:

    Hi. I’m 43 and overweight. I’m very interested in the 30 day challenge. I’m going to get the Action Plan, my only question is, if I get the Action Plan do I need to also get nurish nutrition? Thank you.

    • Hi Rebecca, that’s awesome! The Action Plan includes general guidelines for correct eating, so that being said, no you don’t have to get Nourish Nutrition. However if you are in a place mentally to learn more and go deeper then I would get it – just don’t expect to learn it all, implement it all nor be perfect at it all, right away. I find that if you try to focus on too many things all at once you’ll drop the ball. I’ll be on Instagram daily too, and at FB The Action PlanGFO40 so you can reach out anytime!

  3. Annmarie says:

    I just turned 46 and I have gained 42lbs since November. While training for a half marathon, I broke my cuboid bone and had to wear a boot for 6 weeks. Then when they did the 2nd MRI they found a tear in a tendon and I had to have surgery, after 4 weeks in a cast I was put back into the boot. After other complications, I am still in the boot 6 months later. My question is what can I do to start losing weight and get some exercise, I have been doing nothing but sitting around December, and I need to get this weight off now that I have some mobility back and am off the crutches. Any suggestions on how this challenge can help me?

    • Hi Annemarie, I’m so sorry to hear of your terrible run of injuries! You can certainly start a reasonable weight lifting program and concentrate on your upper body, with your health professional’s ok. Get Fit Over 40 offers a very basic plan you can begin at home – Strong Over 40 -
      As well, you can tighten up your eating, like REALLY tight – eat to heal. Nourish your body to get strong – the same foods that will accomplish this will undoubtedly lead you to a reasonable weight loss or at least maintenance until you are back up in fighting form. You can find The Nourish Nutrition Plan at the same link on this blog.
      You can participate in the challenge by following along with us on Instagram (karenpilote) and gather ideas and inspiration – we all need support while developing new healthy habits. Community is important! See you over there ok? I’ll be looking for your add! ~karen

      • Annmarie says:

        Nutrition is the hardest part for me! The more help with that the better!! I was 226lbs, got down to 150lbs. Lost some steam and gained a little back, but then this injury hit and I got into a depression that has also helped with the 42lb weight gain. So ANY nutritional help would be amazing!

    • That’s interesting, (nagging injuries + poor eating habits) don’t you think Annemarie? Food is such a huge part of keeping us strong, healing and repairing- and it sounds as if your complications are out of line with your normally healthy self. You are very young to be saddled with this, however, and aging body will begin to decline without good nutrition. Do you think that your eating is so far off that it is inhibiting your healing? I’m going out on a limb asking that because I’m sure there are many medical factors. But nutrition is the one factor that you have complete control over. Let’s do this together! Start with a vitamin packed, nutritionally balance protein shake every day and 1L of water per day ok? No skipping them!

      • Annmarie says:

        Yes, I would say that my diet is not helping my healing. In fact since I don’t like meat and I know that I was not getting enough protein while I was working out, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what started the stress fracture. I know that when I got really low in weight, I ended up getting an issue with my heart.

  4. I’m 49 and feeling the slowness creeping on. I’m no newbie to fitness and disciplined eating but I’m definitely suffering from a complacent attitude and I hate it!! I behave like a crazy person with my eating.. One minute I’m meditating on how I CAN do this and I commit to just 1 day at a time clean eating. Next thing I’m chowing down .. And I’m saying to myself… It really doesn’t matter that much. You’re still healthy and more fit than most people around you.. Ugh! That is not the type thinking I want to have. I would love to find that missing link in my head ..I gladly will take any help and support you have.

    • I so get that Karen! It seems to me a common state of mind – at “our age” we are getting more comfortable and accepting of ourselves yet still yearn for physical excellence and better health. It’s a conundrum for sure and the motivation is often elusive. The search for a deeper purpose is important because striving to look good for a date on Saturday night doesn’t cut it anymore. We are perfect the way we are, it’s true, but feeling good, strong, healthy and in control from the inside is where it’s at now. You’re in a bit of a slump is all and there is a positive side – when you dip you can skyrocket. You have the experience (because you’re no newbie to fitness and disciplined eating) so just put it all into play and watch how fast you rebound!! 1-2-3 Go! 🙂 Cheers! Karen

  5. Hello! I tried to order the Strong Over 40-Installment One & it says the product doesn’t exist. Is this not available anymore? I’m 41 and 120 pounds overweight. I was thinking the action plan may be too much for me to start with. In the past, when a workout has been too much, I find it difficult to stay with it. I would appreciate any help/guidance on where the best place to start would be.

    • Hi Kisha- I’m glad you wrote! The Strong Over 40 program is now a free offering when you subscribe to the INSPIRations newsletter! You’ll actually get a 2-month regime which is a really good kickstart to weight training and getting fit. So that’s great for you, it sounds as if you’re ready to rock and you have reasonable expectations. I do think that Strong Over 40 is a great place to start. I’ll have a copy sent to you (you’ll then be subscribed to the newsletter as well) and you can get going on the plan! ~karen

  6. Hi, are all these plans available in hard copy to be mailed to me? I don’t do well with ebooks. If they are, how do I order the hard copies?
    Also you mention the Action Success Coaching Program for $200, but I don’t see any info about what that is.
    One last question! I don’t need to lose weight at all, so would the plans still work or would I need to modify them?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Catherine. The plans are not currently available in hard copy. The GFO site is currently being renovated. It should be ready to go January 2018 and I plan to have those programs available for free download on the site. If you have no weight to lose I imagine your goal is to strengthen – Strong Over 40 is an 8 week beginner weight training program that will be one of the plans available on the site. Sound good?

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